Anti-Graffiti Window Coating

protect your business from vandalism

Storefronts, commercial buildings, and even residential buildings are at risk of graffiti damage. Graffiti damage can result in thousands of dollars in losses to home and business owners. That’s why many home and business owners have taken steps to protect themselves from vandalism by installing Anti-Graffiti Coating in their home or place of business. Even Sound Transit has equipped its new light rail cars with Anti-Graffiti film.

Cost Effective

When glass sustains graffiti damage it must often be restored or replaced. Glass restoration and replacement can be both costly and time consuming. Anti-Graffiti film installation is quick and easy and can save you thousands of dollars on glass replacement and installation costs.
For some animated fun - check out our informative video Glass Anti-Graffiti Repair Kit!


Easy Removal

Anti-Graffiti film is simply applied over the glass surface of a window, and can be easily peeled off and replaced when it is vandalized.


Essential for Property Owners

Anti-Graffiti film can be installed on any glass surface, and is a must for anyone who owns or rents real property in the city. Please see our Glass Restoration page for more details about restoring already damaged glass.