Commercial Window Coating

reduce energy costs and much more

Visible light, ultraviolet light, and infrared light from the sun poses serious health risks, increases room temperatures, and causes glare. No matter what industry you’re in, employee health, comfort, and productivity are vital to your business’s success. Window coating will protect your employees’ health, make work spaces more appealing, and reduce energy costs.

Health Protection

Ultraviolet rays damage the skin and the eyes, and lead to skin cancer. Window coating blocks nearly 100% of ultraviolet rays, protecting your employees from skin cancer and the other harmful health effects of these rays.


Heat Reduction

By reflecting light instead of absorbing it and transmitting it into the office space, window coating will reduce room temperatures and keep offices cool on hot summer days. In fact, studies suggest that coated glass can reduce indoor heat by up to 78% more than untreated glass.


Glare Reduction

Natural light is great, but glare from the sun is often a nuisance that makes reading and viewing computer screens difficult, thus reducing productivity. By eliminating glare and at the same time allowing usable light to enter office space, window coating creates for a more pleasant visual atmosphere and allows employees to use natural light to their advantage, increasing productivity.


Cost Reduction

Obviously, cost reduction is always on the mind of a business owner. By reducing indoor heat and maximizing natural light usage, window coating is a tested method of keeping energy costs low.


Green Business

We know that if your company is anything like ours, you care about our environment and the sustainable development of our economy. Because window film significantly reduces energy consumption, window tinting/window coating has been recognized by the federal government as an effective tool for combating global warming and reducing carbon emissions. By installing window film you can help save our planet.


Safety and Security - Decorative Window Coating

In addition to tinted films, we offer a variety of safety/security and decorative films. See our Safety/Security and Decorative Window Coating sections to see if these films right for your business.