Residential Window Coating

visible light without the harmful effects

Visible light, ultraviolet light, and infrared light from the sun poses serious health risks, increases room temperatures, damages furniture, and leads to additional expenditures on cooling, furniture replacement and restoration. Residential Window Coating will decrease room temperatures, protect your health, preserve your furniture, and save you money!

Health Protection

Ultraviolet rays damage the skin and the eyes, and lead to skin cancer. Window coating blocks nearly 100% of ultraviolet rays, protecting you from skin cancer and the other harmful health effects of these rays.


Heat Reduction

By reflecting light instead of absorbing it and transmitting it into your home, window coating will reduce room temperatures and keep your home cool on hot summer days. In fact, studies suggest that coated glass can reduce indoor heat by up to 78% more than untreated glass.


Furniture Protection

The reflective qualities of window film also prevent fading and sun damage to furniture and your home’s interior. By reducing the amount of harmful light rays entering you home window film preserves original colors and keeps fixtures and furniture looking new.


Glare Reduction

Everyone loves natural light, but glare from the sun is often a nuisance that makes reading, viewing television, and using computers almost impossible, forcing homeowners out of the bright rooms in their homes in search of shade. Traditional blinds prevent usable light from coming in completely and gather dust, animal hair, and dander, thus depriving homeowners of the benefits of natural light, diminishing air quality, and leading to asthma flare-ups. By reducing glare and at the same time allowing usable light to enter the home, window coating creates for a more pleasant visual atmosphere and allows you to make the most of natural light and take advantage of the bright rooms in your home. In addition, window film doesn’t collect dust.


Cost Reduction

The bottom line is that window coating will save you money. By reducing the amount of heat in your home, preserving your furniture, and protecting your health, window coating will lower your energy bills and decrease the amount of money you spend annually on preserving and restoring your home’s interior.


Green Business

Because window film significantly reduces energy consumption, window tinting/window coating has been recognized by the federal government as an effective tool for combating global warming and reducing carbon emissions. By equipping your home with window film not only will you help to preserve our planet, but you may qualify for tax credit. Click here to find out how!


Safety and Security - Decorative Window Coating

In addition to tinted films, we offer a variety of safety/security and decorative films. See our Safety/Security and Decorative Window Coating sections to see if these films are right for your home.