Glass Restoration

Glass Restoration

remove unsightly scratches and graffiti

Accidents and ordinary wear and tear can often leave unsightly scratches on windows and other glass surfaces, and graffiti covered windows can be embarrassing and even drive away customers. We use GlasWeld Glass Restoration technology to remove unsightly scratches and graffiti from windows and other glass surfaces.

GlasWeld Technology

Glass Restoration is ideal for storefronts, glass doors, and windows. During the Glass Restoration process, GlasWeld technology is used to buff the affected glass surfaces, removing scratches and graffiti and restoring glass surfaces to their original condition.


Add Safety & Security Coatings

In areas where surface scratches and vandalism are frequent and recurring, we recommend installing Safety and Security Coating after Glass Restoration to protect windows and glass surfaces from future damage. Glass Restoration can save you thousands of dollars on glass replacement costs.