Safety & Security

Safety and Security Window Coating

works to protect you

In today’s world threats from crime, natural disasters, and terrorism are real. Shattered glass can damage property and cause serious injury or even death. Safety and Security Window Coating works to protect you, your family, and your employees and mitigate the damage if and when an emergency arises.

Please note that while Safety and Security films do provide additional protection against crime, natural disasters, and terrorism, they cannot stop bullets, withstand major explosions, or ensure complete protection against unwanted intruders. We recommend that you take additional measures to prepare your home or place of business for emergencies.

Crime Deterrence and Prevention

It’s no secret that windows and glass doors can be easily broken, thus providing burglars with a quick and easy way to enter your home, store, or office, and giving vandals an easy target. Safety and Security films keep criminals out by preventing glass from shattering when broken, and keeping cracked glass in place, providing an added layer of protection and buying precious extra time for law enforcement to arrive. In addition, tinted Safety and Security films serve a deterrent function by preventing would-be burglars from seeing what’s behind doors and windows. Burglars will simply have no incentives to break into your home or business, and vandals will be left with no choice but to move on to their next target.


Natural Disasters

In recent years we’ve witnessed the devastating effects that hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes have on buildings and property. Shattered glass and debris are two of the leading causes of injury and death during natural disasters. Because Safety and Security films prevent glass from shattering and breaking apart, these films will protect those inside dwellings and buildings from flying shards of glass and keep debris out when disasters occur.



America is engaged in an ongoing global war on terrorism. Terrorist attacks around the world have been on the rise and there is no telling where the next attack will occur. Safety and Security films will protect your home or office in the event of explosions and other attacks by keeping glass in place and preventing glass from shattering. Safety and Security films are ideal for firms engaged in defense, law enforcement and national security.